Investment Methods – Overview And Guide To Key Investment Methods

Investing in general is a sacrifice of the current benefit of money, which could be achieved by satisfying immediate consumption needs, in the hope of obtaining greater benefit and satisfying greater needs in the future. It should be noted that the investment is divided into two parts: real investment and financial investment, Investments complement each other, and during this article we will present investment methods.

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Investment Methods

– Real Estate Investment

Is one of the most popular types of investments globally, especially in the Arab countries, due to the lack of development of the capital markets sufficiently, and real estate investment is in two forms, directly form, through the construction of projects such as building hotels, resorts and residential buildings, or purchase properties such as land and buildings, or indirectly Through investment in real estate investment funds.

– Dividends

Equity is one of the most important instruments of investment in our time. It is very diversified in terms of the rights and privileges offered to the investor. The shares are divided into two types: ordinary shares and preferred shares.

Dividend premium: The holder of these shares can obtain a percentage of the company’s profits for previous years, in which the dividend is not distributed.

Convertible Shares: The holder of such shares may convert his Preferred Shares into Ordinary Shares on an agreed date in the Prospectus. As the holder of such Shares earns from the Conversion, if the Market Value of the total Ordinary Shares received is greater than the Market Value of the Preferred Shares.

Monaco Treasure
Monaco Treasure

How to invest in bonds: a beginner’s Guide

Investment in bonds is one of the most important sources of long-term investment. Bonds are defined as a debt certificate whose source is required to be paid at the maturity date, in addition to interest payments in the form of periodic amounts, at specific periods which may be annual or semi-annual. :

Bonds by Issuer: These bonds are divided into two types: government bonds and business bonds.

Bonds by age of bond: These bonds are divided into three types: short-, medium- and long-term bonds.

Bonds as collateral: These bonds are divided into two types: secured bonds and unsecured bonds.

Bonds according to the interest rate method: divided into three types: fixed rate bonds, variable rate bonds and zero interest rate bonds.

The Best Ways To Invest little Money

Most people seek to improve their financial conditions and invest their money in successful and profitable projects; but some have little money, looking for the best way to employ them for any useful economic activity or project, and through which they can expand to other projects after a while. We’ll talk about ways to invest a little money.

How To Invest little Money In 2018

Debt disposal: Many people who are looking for investment projects tend to borrow from banks or acquaintances and relatives, which leads to the subsequent go to the profit of the project, or the capital resulting in the payment of debt or payment of bank dues, and the benefits of it, so It is best to avoid debt and provide adequate capital before starting any investment step.

Ensuring that there are no financial obligations: These obligations include the monthly entitlements of shops such as electrical appliances, or the existence of necessary treatment costs for a family member. In other words, the investment must be based on a comfortable base free from financial pressures.

Diversification of projects: The new investor mistakes when he puts all his capital in one project or a specific investment direction, it is necessary to divide the funds and distribute them on several investment projects; to avoid loss, to benefit from different fields and to test the feasibility of some projects or not in other projects, Helps the investor to talk about future investment options.

Contingency Account: This helps the investor to ensure that his / her financial obligations towards the family and his / her self-being are carried out in a safe manner, while saving the cost of living away from the capital of the project, thus contributing to its success and achieving profitable growth smoothly.

Ideas for Projects with little Money

Look around you and you’ll find many simple ideas from the ocean and the environment in which you live. Kids, for example, ask parents to buy bed sheets with their favorite stars like Spider Man. They can be printed and sold and will be profitable.

Try exotic ideas. Often you will find a great crowd of people. One of the Americans sold a rock called the pet rock for $ 1 a piece, and then managed to make incredible money.

Quickly invent a game or electronic application, and sell it online, if you are an innovator, and you will make a lot of money.

Observe your needs, and make the need or mother of invention, many projects that started with the needs of personal owners, even made them earn millions.